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Are you looking to launch a new brand or moving into a new market? Or whether it is an existing brand that you want to improve? We, at Digital Astitva, use creative and proven digital marketing strategies to help improve the iGaming brand presence of your online gaming business.

Our extensive range of iGaming digital marketing channels focus on delivering solutions to online casinos, gambling, poker, sports betting, slots, bingo, lottery markets, financial trading and more. Our portfolio of digital marketing services include iGaming SEO, paid marketing campaigns for gaming industry, social media optimization services as well as email marketing solutions.

With our most experienced and consumer-centric iGaming digital marketing specialists and strategists, unlock modern and up to date solutions in accordance with your long term goals to overcome your biggest business challenges and maintain an edge over the competition.

Our iGaming Digital Marketing Services

Want to start growing your email list and send personalized emails to upsell to your existing customers? Sniff through the digital marketing services that will help you build an email list of devoted followers:

iGaming SEO
In the digital marketing landscape, SEO is a vital cog in the wheel when it comes to outperform your competition and achieve your long term goals. We leverage the cumulative experience of our iGaming SEO specialists and strategists along with our experience of working with multiple iGaming platforms, operators and affiliates. This in turn enables us to help you implement innovative solutions to even the most complex technical SEO issues along with on page SEO, off page SEO and content strategies and copy writing. We offer iGaming SEO services tailored to your current programs and your long term plans to help you find the edge over the competition.
iGaming PPC
PPC or pay per click is an important driver of revenue and growth for the iGaming industry. iGaming PPC is one of the most reactive, fast, and scalable digital acquisition channels which works for both search engines and social media platforms. We understand that a real money player is only valuable to you if their LTV (LifeTime Value) is high enough. At Digital Astitva, we help you attract more players so that you get a higher LTV by formulating creative data-driven concepts and by offering bespoke PPC opportunities through extensive keyword research and leveraging bid strategies required for the success of your business digital marketing campaign.
iGaming SMO
With more and more platforms focussing on monetization and ads, social media marketing has evolved considerably as organic reach of content faces increasingly more hurdles. For iGaming social media optimization, whether you are looking to engage organically (unpaid) or through influencer campaigns or whether it be paid social media campaigns, our iGaming SMO strategists and specialists help you launch and support your social media campaign at scale. At Digital Astitva, we understand that an effective and winning social media optimization campaign requires a unique complex mix of innovative creatives, compelling copywriting and engaging design.
iGaming Email Marketing
One of the most effective ways to tap into the middle or top of your marketing funnel is through the innovative and timely use of your email marketing campaign. In the iGaming industry, it can provide that little difference offering an edge over competition. At Digital Astitva, our team is equipped to offer a varied range of email marketing services tailored to your iGaming business needs. Whether it be setting up a new email system from scratch, upgrading your existing system or optimizing your existing email marketing campaigns, our experienced team will assist you in reaching your business goal effectively and in a time bound manner.

See Our Leading email marketing Services

Campaign Management
Leave day-to-day EMail Campaign execution headaches to our team of EMail Campaign Managers and stay focused on other aspects of the business. A well-written subject line focused content and specific call to action to achieve the campaign goal is what our Campaign Management strategists are best at. Digital Astitiva will fully manage your email campaigns and take care of all aspects resonating with EMail Campaign Management, including crafting brand spanking subject lines, data management, email content, and ongoing campaign analysis.
Automation Management
Stay in touch with your customers better than ever before using EMail Automation by sending personalized emails to each individual from your mailing list. Digital Astitva team of Automation Management experts will choose trigger and triggered messages based on your prospect’s journey. We will increase the relevance of your automated campaigns by linking your website analysts with a notch EMail Marketing platform so that you can target prospects accordingly on their preferences and behavior patterns. Achieve higher open and click-through rates of EMail Campaigns right from the onset.
Custom Design
Tired of Search Engines giving less traffic from your geographic area? Be found on organic (free) listings and Google Maps. Harness the power of local SEO with our prodigious local SEO expert in-house to ramp up your local search engine optimization efforts and connect your brand with high-intent customers in your area.
Campaign Performance Report
Track everything from who opened and clicked your campaigns to the residing place of your subscribers. You will get the campaign effectiveness report like the conversions that are driven via campaigns to personify the campaign effectiveness. Moreover, we got you covered with sales-driven tips to elevate your success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is iGaming promotion/marketing?
iGaming refers to online gambling which may include online betting, gaming like casino, slots, Bingo, poker and other card games as well as sportsbook and eSports. In this booming industry with cutthroat competition, innovative, powerful and unique yet complex strategies are key to staying ahead of your competition and developing successful iGaming promotion/marketing campaigns.
What is the best way to market iGaming platforms?
There are a number of ways in which you can market your iGaming platforms. The most effective ways of marketing include search engine optimization, PPC or paid marketing campaigns, social media channels optimization, reaching the right influencers, and email marketing among others. The key to a successful iGaming marketing campaign is reaching the right audiences and influencers at the right platforms. The best way to market iGaming platforms is the optimal mix of the aforementioned strategies that complement your current strategies and which is well aligned to your long term goals. The marketing mix can change as per the changing market or your business requirements/constraints as well as depending upon how effective your current marketing mix is.
What iGaming marketing services do Digital Astitva offer?
Digital Astitva offers a range of iGaming marketing services including iGaming SEO, PPC or pay per click marketing services, SMO or social media optimization services both organic and paid as well as email marketing services. At Digital Astitva, we believe that it is essential to leverage the knowledge of all digital platforms to formulate a successful and best iGaming marketing strategy. That’s why we focus and specialize in some of the most innovative, powerful and dynamic digital marketing channels and strategies to offer highly competitive and leading edge services to our clients.
Why is iGaming promotion/marketing important?
With the increasing and relentless competition and with increasing regulations by search and social platforms, iGaming marketing and promotions have become increasingly important for a business to succeed and stay ahead of the competition. As the market is evolving a heady mix of both proven tools & methods as well as innovative strategies are key to success in online gaming business.
How can iGaming marketing services help your business grow?
iGaming marketing services can help a business gain more visibility of their brand by reaching new as well as most engaged target audiences on most attractive marketing channels like search engines and social media platforms. With an assortment of marketing mix strategies that leverage SEO, PPC, SMO, influencer marketing and email marketing techniques, the iGaming marketing agencies and service provider like Digital Astitva leverage their cumulative experience, well rounded digital expertise and proven strategies to interact, engage and retain players and turning new players into loyal ones and existing players in most profitable ones by employing innovative, effective techniques in the best possible way.
What makes Digital Astitva a leading iGaming marketing agency?
In an industry characterized by change, strict regulations and intense competition, innovative, powerful and unique strategies are your only edge over competition and this dynamically changing digital landscape. You need highly focussed, super specialized and experienced professionals and specialists to help your business survive, grow and stay ahead or on top of competition. With a digital agency like us with fully rounded digital expertise with domain experience in various verticles and more intimately in the gaming industry with super affiliates and small white labels, we know what it takes to get a new business/brand to ranking and help existing ones to stay on top.

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