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7 Facebook Hidden Features You Probably Didn’t Know

7 Facebook Hidden Features You Probably Didn’t Know

Facebook is probably one of the largest and most populated social media channels in the world. There are billions of active users of Facebook. It is a deep pool of people that can help in creating a brand without putting in much of an effort. But do you know there are multiple things that people don’t understand or know about this amazing social media channel? So, here we have 7 amazing hidden features that you probably didn’t know existed on Facebook.

1. Your account access

In today’s world, hacking an account has become more frequent. Not only common people but celebs also go through the phase when their account gets hacked. And many times you log in to your account somewhere and forget to log out. Whatever the case may be if you think your account is accessed by someone without your permission there are ways to check that from the “settings” section. Although, Facebook does notify you whenever there is an attempt or login to your account. But if not, just go to the security and login section and see the number of devices your Facebook is logged in.

2. You can download your data copy

Yes, there is a hidden feature that even a few influencers know about and that’s downloading the copy of your Facebook Data. This includes not only your chat or timeline but every element of your Facebook page. The videos, posts, images, everything, and conversations too. For this, you will have to go to the settings page, click on “your Facebook information” and then download your information. The entire data will be downloaded in HTML file format.

3. Write down your will

You might stay or not but your account will stay here until you are inactive for a long time or have deactivated it. But if you want it to go on as your memory, you can choose your manager who will look after your account even when you pass away. There is a legacy contract on the application of Facebook that can be used to do this.

4. Keep a request tracklist

No, you don’t have to create a tracklist of the people you have sent requests to in the past. There is already a section on Facebook where this happens automatically. You do not have to do anything. All those friends who have deleted or ignored your requests can be tracked with a few clicks. You just have to navigate to the “Find Friends” page and then check the “View Sent Request” option.

5. Autoplay videos can be turned off

There still can be a time when you might just get low on the internet. This is the time when you will not want to waste your internet speed or time on Facebook videos. Because they just randomly pop up and you can’t stop it. So go to the video settings and turn it off.

6. Ad preferences can be changed

Go to settings, then to ads, and then to your interest. From there you can easily change your ad preferences and remove the ones that you don’t want by clicking on the “X” icon.

7. Saving the posts for later

Yes, Facebook too allows the users to save their posts for later use. You just have to click on the 3 dots on the top right corner of every post and then click on the save post options. And it is all done. Yes, that’s easy.


There are chances that you might have come across any of these features but we are sure that not all of these would be known to you. So, now as you are aware of these 7 hidden features of Facebook, you now know how to find them on the application or website and then use it.

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