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Google MUM Update: Important Things That You should Know

You should know about the MUM update

Google keeps updating the algorithms of their search engines. Small updates keep coming every second month that make all the creators powerful. Google always tries to level the battlefield between different creators. And to make this happen, Google has announced a major change in their search engine.

 An insight about the MUM update

 Recently, Google has announced a huge change in their search engine where they will be redesigning their entire search structure. With easy search and voice commands already existing, Google has decided to take a leap forward. With the help of the MUM update, they are planning on making the search engine a bit more clever and appropriate.

In the MUM update, Google will be integrating AI (Artificial Intelligence) to help users explore different topics easily. With this update, the users will be guided to a better search in a visual way. The developers have also claimed that the update will make searching precise and about 1000 times better. They have also intimidated users that the complete testing and application of this MUM update can take up to 2 years or more.

What is MUM and how will it change the entire search engine?

 Multitask Unified Model, which is shortened and pronounced as MUM, is nothing but an algorithm that is created to search across the internet in different languages. It can be either via speech, text or even images. Moreover, this update is going to provide the best link supporting the most information for a user.

 The next thing that you might ask yourself is, how is it going to benefit or affect you as a user, right? Don’t worry, the answer is: 

  • Currently, the users rely on Google to crawl the websites that are top-ranked and offer the best information from those links.
  • But with MUM in action, you will be able to see a magnificent shift in what you will be provided by the search engine.
  • The MUM update as already mentioned is going to level up the playfield because it will break the language barrier.
  • If you are searching for something in English, but Google is unable to find the right information on any of the English websites, it will show you the result of another website that might be a regional language.


A lot of creators have been facing the problem that people only stick to the first 10 links that come on the first page. This update is going to take the users past those links by bringing the best information or the most informative page online. For those who always thought SEO is not a useful thing, you will have to think again about it.

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